Good Citizen & Work of the Week Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the good citizen and workers of the week for the past two weeks. These awards are a great way to encourage children to work to the best of their ability and help others while at school.  Well done everyone.stjosephs-ns-group

L-R: Samantha Dunne; Conor Byrne; Leah Byrne; Cody Bowes
L-R: Ava Kelly; Cian Byrne; Amberleigh Fox; Jake Mooney
Front: Ashton Daly and Emily Joyce


Congratulations to Jake Mooney winner of the book token sponsored by the parents association.


L-R: Tomas Joyce; Dani Furlong; Gary O’Toole; Harry Doyle; Harry Altree; John McKernan; Bobby Cullen (Aaron kelly absent from photo)
Front: Rory Cullen and Alexander Byrne


Winner of the book voucher Dani Furlong. Well done Dani.

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