Virtual Break for the Border Annual fundraiser raises €8,500

12th November 2020:  The tally is in and the Principal, staff, students and parents of St Joseph’s NS, Hacketstown are delighted to announce that this year’s fundraising event has raised €8,500. 

“This year we were doubtful if we would go ahead with the event and thought we might be at the loss of the cost of the fabulous 2020 medals which were ordered long before covid started. The initial sponsorship from Londis and O’Reilly’s Service Station set the scene to what became one of our most successful fundraisers to-date. We ran two events, one was a virtual online run where over 100 people took part and the other was a mini Break for the Border race where every student in St Joseph’s NS ran a race, class by class and all received their customised medal and goodie bag sponsored by O’Reillys. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the event and our local community for all their continued support.” commented Principal, Doireann Hester.

The support from the community exceeded expectations. With over 40 businesses in Hacketstown who came out in full-force with support for the school. Parents, family members and students from the school were also no exception as they dug deep and filled in sponsorship cards which raised nearly €4’000.

Over 60 members of the Hacketstown running club also took part in the virtual event, along with clubs from Carlow including Dolmen Athletic Club which made a huge contribution to the fundraiser.

“We are delighted the virtual event and school event went off so well, especially in the current climate. It is a brilliant good news story where the community gathered together “virtually” and raised so much money for St Joseph’s NS, all of which will go straight back into much needed equipment for the school.” commented event organiser Paula Butler.


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