Senior Infants, First and Second Class

Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning everybody.  Please find this week’s plan by clicking on the link – Plan – Week beginning 30 March

Senior Infants Literacy: (Mr. Murphy)

Monday: Read ” A Pillow for Emma” pg 10-13 (Pip & Rags Reader) Discuss & write down new/unidentified words. Put new/unidentified words in oral sentences. Complete worksheet no. 1–> Read, Match, Write.

Tuesday:Read ” A Pillow for Emma” pg 10-13 (Pip & Rags Reader) Discuss. Put yesterday’s new/unidentified words in simple written sentences.

Wednesday: Read” A Pillow for Emma” pg 14-17 (Pip & Rags Reader) Discuss & write down new/unidentified words. Put new/unidentified words in oral sentences. Complete worksheet no. 2–> Break the Code

Thursday: Read” A Pillow for Emma” pg 14-17 (Pip & Rags Reader) Discuss. Put yesterday’s new/unidentified words in simple written sentences.

Friday: Read ” A Pillow for Emma” pg 10-17 (Pip & Rags Reader) Discuss. Draw a picture from the story. Write the heading ”A Pillow for Emma” on top of the page.

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 Engineering Week

Making Lava Lamps

Our Budding Newscasters

Dinosaur Fossils

Reading Our Scary Halloween Stories

Our Furry Visitors

Slime Experiments

chool Tour 2019

1st, 2nd and 3rd class loved their school tour in the Astro Park Tallaght. They enjoyed activities such as bubble soccer, Nerf Astrowars, soccer, Astrobounce inflatable obstacle course, Astrobounce Football Pitch and Astrobounce Target Zone.

Visual Art

The children made self portraits using clay. They loved using this material.

20190530_12241620190530_12233720190530_12243520190530_12261320190530_122402Communion and First PenanceCongratulations to 2nd class who celebrated the sacrament of Communion on the 6th April 2019 and had their First Penance on the the 5th of April.The study of Andy WarholAndy Warhol was the most successful and highly paid commercial illustrator in New York even before he began to make art destined for galleries. Nevertheless, his screenprinted images of Marilyn Monroe, soup cans, and sensational newspaper stories, quickly became synonymous with Pop art.Warhol’s early commercial illustration has recently been acclaimed as the arena in which he first learned to manipulate popular tastes. His drawings were often comic, decorative, and whimsical, and their tone is entirely different from the cold and impersonal mood of his Pop art.Students from first and second class not only learned all about Andy Warhol, they took on the task to re-create their own version of pop art.

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Valentine’s DayThe children made these cute Valentine’s Day cards for their family.AutumnThe children enjoyed going on a nature walk and learning about autumn.20181107_151301

Primary Colour Super heroesThe children used the primary colours red, yellow and blue to make impressive superheroes for our class.20181001_154749Baking September 2018 In English the children learned how to read and follow a procedure. They loved making and decorating the buns and more importantly enjoyed eating them!

June 2018 Bees!!!We were very lucky to have Mr. Shannon come into the school to show the children the beehive frame, honeycomb and the suit they wear. They learned so much information about bees and now have a great insight into how honey is made. The children were intrigued and asked fantastic questions.

Sports DayThe children enjoyed a sports day on the 22nd of June. We were busy doing wheelbarrow races, egg and spoon races, relays, long jump to name a few. The children also got treated to sausages and chips.

Maths – CapacityThe children learned about the topic capacity in Maths through measuring how many cups, egg cups etc fill a litre jug. This hands on activity helps them fully understand how much liquid is in a litre.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Class School TourThey attended Just 4 Fun school tour in Institute of Carlow. It was a high energy Fun Activity Day. The children loved activities such as Air Mountain, Obstacle Course, Dash N Grab and the Disco Dome. Also €2 from each child’s fee was donated to CMR Crumlin. This money is being used to provide “The Giggle Fund” which is used for the children’s birthday parties, cinema and pizza nights and helps create a more relaxing environment for patients during their stay. The children’s donation is funding research in childhood illnesses such as cardiac diseases, cystic fibrosis & asthma so they can understand and limit the effects on children and increase their quality of life.

ItalyThe children learned a lot of information about the beautiful country of Italy. The children were intrigued to learn about The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Colosseum, the amazing food, the culture, famous individuals such as Pope Francis, Galileo and Michelangelo to name just few highlights.20180212_180702Christmas Acrostic PoemsThe children wrote amazing poems about Christmas. Have a look below!

Christmas Art The children loved making these snowman faces from lolly-pop sticks.20171214_094038 Happy Halloween20171106_141804There were plenty of villains, heroes, ghosts and ghouls in the school on Friday the 27th October. We had a fun day learning about the origins of Halloween and playing some festive games.The children loved playing The Halloween mystery box game. They had to reach into dark boxes to feel items like brains (Steamed cauliflower), teeth (Popcorn kernels) and even a heart (peeled tomato).We also played Guess the Spook and a Witches Cauldron game.IMG-20171027-WA0000IMG-20171027-WA0001IMG-20171027-WA0002IMG-20171027-WA0003IMG-20171027-WA0005IMG-20171027-WA0006IMG-20171027-WA0007IMG-20171027-WA0008IMG-20171027-WA0009Our super spiders also drew and designed their own spider webs.20171106_14175420171106_141843 (2)All about meThe children documented some facts about themselves, activities they like and what they enjoyed doing over the summer holidays.20171006_16140520171006_161422Elmer the Elephant The children enjoyed listening to a story of Elmer the Elephant. They used felt to make their elephants.20171006_161328 (2)20171006_161304 (2)We all fit togetherWelcome back 1st and 2nd class. Every child is an important member of our classroom.20171006_161137We made a class garden. On the petals each child wrote down their talents.20171006_16124020171006_16123720171006_161233Circle of Friends 1st, 2nd Class 2017/201820171006_161204Sports Day 2017

School Tour 2017Ms. Doyle’s and Ms. Howard’s class visited the Reptile Village and saw many different animals such as snakes, turtles, iguanas, spiders and many more. We also went to Kiddies Kingdom. They enjoyed playing in the soft play area, rock climbing, playing soccer, jumping on the trampoline and roller skating. They had an amazing day!