Junior & Senior Infants

1st June 2020

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the lovely updates you have been sending me. You have been working hard and have become very creative. Well done and keep up the fantastic work!

Take care,

Ms. Moloney

For this week’s work please click on the padlet link below:

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S.I Literacy: (Mr. Murphy) htownroom4@gmail.com 2nd – 5th June

Tuesday: All Write Now pg. 18 & 19

Wednesday: Read story ” A Balloon Ride” (Magic in the Sky). Identify new/challenging words.

Thursday: Read story ”A Balloon Ride”(Magic in the Sky). Put new words in oral sentences.

Friday: All Write Now(Practice Copy) pg 24 &25

Mr. Murphy Maths 2nd-5th June

Senior Infants Maths Work
2nd – 6th June

Aim of lesson
-Revise naming and drawing 2-D shapes
-Sort, name and identify 3-D shapes in the environment.
-Revision of 2-D shapes:
1. Worksheet pg. 12. Draw the following shapes on each T-shirt circle, square, triangle and rectangle. Under each picture write how many sides and how many corners each shape has.
2. Worksheetpg.119. Count and colour Mister Robot’s shapes.
3. Worksheet pg.13 Colour the circles to get to the beehive.
-Shape Hunt-2D Go on a shape hunt around your house and collect different examples of squares, circles, rectangles, and triangles!
-Introduction of 3-D shapes:
-Discuss the important properties of each of the 4 basic shapes. Use terminology such as “face”,”edges”,”corner”,straight”,”curved”, “round” and “flat” when describing the shapes.
4. Worksheet pg.174. Match the shapes: sphere,cuboid,cylinder,cube to the correct names.
Look at the shapes and see can you find items around the house that are the same shape e.g. a cereal box is a cuboid; a ball is a sphere. Try to discuss and identify aspects of 3-D shapes, the face of a cube are squares,the top and bottom of a cylinder are circles, etc.
5. Worksheet pg.175.Colour the shapes. Use the code.
Play Guess my shape game: Use different 3-D shapes!
I have 6 faces which are square
My edges are all straight
I have 8 corners
I cannot roll along the floor

Folens Planet Maths online activities( http://www.folensonline.ie)
Registration to sign up.(free)
Search senior infants Planet Maths
Click on resources
Go to page 3 for the games on 2-D shpes, pg.5 for games on 3-D shapes

Senior Infants Literacy: (Mr. Murphy) htownroom4@gmail.com

Monday(25th May): All Write Now pg 16 & 17

Tuesday: Read story ”The Circus” (Magic in the Sky reader). Identify any new/difficult words. Write them down.

Wednesday: Read story ”The Circus”(Magic in the Sky). Look back at new/difficult words. Put them in oral sentences.

Thursday: Read story ”The Circus”(Magic in the Sky). Put new words in written sentences.

Friday: Complete last worksheet. Read.Match.Write. ”The Circus”

Senior Infants Numeracy: Mr Murphy

Senior Infants Maths Work 


Aim of lesson 

  • Read time in one hour intervals 
  • Draw the hour hand on clock faces 

Introduction of time: 

  • Introduce the clock face and explain that time is broken into hours and minutes. Using a clock in your house point out and name the long hand (minute) and short hand (hour). Demonstrate how the hands move around the clock face at different speeds but in 1 direction only,i.e. clockwise. 
  • A fun rhyme to help with learning how to read the time: 

 Mr. Tic Tic Toc the Talking Clock’: 

My name is Mr. Tic Tic Toc 

I am your friend the talking clock, 

You must agree my face is strange 

It has 2 hands that always change! 

In one direction round they go  

1 goes fast and 1 goes slow. 

Now if you watch my long hand  

You may see the minutes go 

But not my short hand for the hours 

Because it moves so slow. 

So if you want to read the clock  

Just listen to my rhyme 

It really is quiet easy 

To learn to tell the time. 

Worksheet 1. P.g. 192 (Maths Book) 

  • Draw 4 daily activities. Write the correct time to match each picture. 

       Worksheet 2 .p.g. 86 

Draw in the hour hand and trace “o” clock 

Worksheet 3. p.g. 194 

Draw in the hour hand on each clock 

Worksheet 4. p.g. 193 

Fill in the missing numbers.Show the correct time on each clock. 

Worksheet 5. p.g. 191 

Pleaseyt draw the hour and minute hand on each clock . 

  1. 4 o’ clock     b. 6 o’ clock     c. 12 o’clock  d. 8 o’ clock e. 10 o’ clock 

f. 7 o’ clock    g. 1 o’ clock    h. 2 o’ clock   i. 3 o’clock  j. 9.o’clock k.11 o’clock 

The following worksheets are attached below…. 


  • Folens Planet Maths online activities( www.folensonline.ie) 
  1. Registration to sign up.(free) 
  1. Search senior infants Planet Maths 
  1. Click on resources 
  1. Go to page 7 for the games on time, activity to move the hands on the clock to the correct time. What’s the time Mr. Wolf ? 
  1. You can have a go and make your own clock face from cereal boxes if you like! 

Mr. Murphy Literacy (htownroom4@gmail.com)

Monday (18th May): All Write Now pg 14 &15

Tuesday(19th May):Re- Read story ”Luke’s Wobbly Tooth” (Magic in the Sky reader).  Complete next worksheet(pg34) Read.Match.Write.

Wednesday(20th May): Re-Read story ”Luke’s Wobbly Tooth” (Magic in the Sky reader). Complete next worksheet(pg35) Match.Write.

Thursday(21st May): All Write Now- Practice Copy pg 22-23

Friday(22nd May): Read ”The Circus” (Magic in the Sky reader). Take your time, identify new words. Enjoy it.

Mr. Murphy Numeracy


This should be fun. It’s all about estimation and using the correct language (full,empty etc.) How many cups will the kettle? How many teaspoons will fill a cup? How many jugs to fill that basin?

-Develop an understanding of the concept of capacity through exploration and the use of appropriate vocabulary.(full,empty,nearly full,holds more, holds less,as much as)

-Compare and order containers according to capacity.

-Use water to make a container ‘full’.

-Pour the water out to make the container ‘empty’.

-Colour the container that is full/empty.

-Indicate which container holds the most/least.

-Estimate how many cups it would take to fill a jug/basin/saucepan etc


Egg cup, cup,mug.bowl,basin,saucepan. Folens Planet Maths online activities( http://www.folens on line.ie)pg. 9 games on capacity

IXL: Capacity activities

Some extra mental maths questions

1. If a jug hold 4 cups of water,how many cups would I need to fill 2 jugs?

2. A glass holds 6 eggcups of water altogether. If I poured 4 eggcups of water into the glass how many more would I need to fill it completely?

3. A saucepan holds 5 jugs of water altogether. How many saucepans can I fill with 10 jugs of water?

4. If a bowl holds 6 mugs of water and I pour in 3 mugs,will the bowl be nearly full or nearly empty? How many more mugs of water are needed to fill the bowl completely?

Senior Infants Literacy: (Mr. Murphy) (htownroom4@gmail.com)Monday(11th May) : Complete next page in ”All Write Now” handwriting book.Complete next unit in SpellboundSenior Infants Maths Work (Mr. Murphy)11-05-20/15-05-20Aim of lesson:-Adding on the number line by counting on, starting on the higher numberfirst.-Combining three sets of objects, totals to 10.-Add and count on:Use the number line to add three numbers e.g. I have 2 blue bears, 3 red bears and 5 yellow bears. How many bears do I have altogether? Repeat with different combinations in the worksheets provided.Worksheet 1.0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10(a) 4+4+1= (f) 6+3+1=(b) 5+3+2= (g) 0+3+7=(c) 9+1+0= (h) 5+4+1=(d) 7+2+1= (i) 1+8+1=(e) 8+0+2= (j)6+4+0=The following worksheets are attached below….Worksheet 2 pg.34Worksheet 3 pg.209Worksheet 4 pg.73Worksheet 5 pg. 83Resources: Folens Planet Maths online activities( http://www.folensonline.ie)1. Registration to sign up.(free)2. Search senior infants Planet Maths3. Click on resources4. Go to page 16 toolkit for the games on numberline

Senior Infants Literacy(Mr. Murphy) (htownroom4@gmail.com)Tuesday(5th May): Read story ”Luke’s Wobbly Tooth” (Magic in the Sky reader). Identify any new/difficult words. Write them down.Wednesday(6th May): Read story ”Luke’s Wobbly Tooth” (Magic in the Sky reader). Look back at new/difficult words. Put them in oral sentences.Thursday(7th May): Read story ”Luke’s Wobbly Tooth” (Magic in the Sky reader). Look back at new/difficult words. Complete worksheet no. 8 (”Circle word that matches” & ”Read. Write”)Friday(8th May): Read story ”Luke’s Wobbly Tooth” (Magic in the Sky reader). Complete worksheet no. 9. ”Add ‘th’ to the end of word. Read.Write.”Complete next unit in SpellboundSenior Infants Maths (Mr. Murphy) (htownroom4@gmail.com)Pick a number of the activities from below each day. Get your child to familiarize themselves with the various coins and how to use them in everyday scenarios. Help them to understand the value of money.
Money (Revision)
-Recognise coins up to 20 cents and use coins up to 20 cents.
-Discuss what we already know about money.
-Use money at a make-believe shop. Hold up a set of items with price tags varying from 1c to 20c and invite the children to select the correct coins required to buy each item.
-Sort coins into sets of the same.
-Using 1c coins only, make groups of 2c, 3c etc.
-Give your child a specific amount of money up to 20c and ask them what they could buy in a shop with set prices.
-Exchange amounts of money, for example, a 5c coin could be exchanged for 5 X 1c coins.
-Make coin rubbings.Resources:-Folens Planet Maths online activities( http://www.folensonline.ie)
Registration to sign up.(free)
-Search senior infants Planet Maths
Click on resources
Go to page 8 for the following money games
Game 1. Money: recognise coins up to 20c
Game 2. Put coins in order of activity
Game 3. Money Jars: add and compare coins
Game 4. Winnies Money Jar:add the correct coins to the jar.

The following are available as ebooks online:Planet Maths Junior Infants – Available on folensonline.ie (login/sign up details are in my note to parents. Follow the padlet link above)Planet Maths Practice Copy – available on folensonline.iePlanetMaths Senior Infants – folensonline.ieFolens Explorers (SESE) – available on folensonline.ieGrow in Love (Religion) – P1 and P2 – https://app.growinlove.ie/enUsername: trial@growinlove.ieUsername: growinloveJuniorInfant Readers : New Friends, Fun at Home, Fun at the Park – CJ FallonJuniorInfant Worksheets – Skills Book A – CJ FallonSenior Infant Readers – CJ FallonSenior Infants Worksheets : Skills Book B – CJ Fallonhttps://my.cjfallon.ie/dashboard/student-

The Restaurant

Our classroom was transformed into a restaurant where we had our Art Station making pizzas; Fine Motor Station making our favourite morla/playdough meal; Independent Station making healthy lunch and finally our Sand table making yummy sand cakes![gallery ids=”6833,6832,6809″ type=”slideshow”]

Construction Station


Favourite Books

Ms Moloney and Ms O’ Connell’s classes reading their favourite books.

Preparation for Grandparents Day

Our grandparents were treated to a fantastic array of art, crafts and stories from all the students from St Joseph’s NS. Our senior infants were delighted to help the sixth class students prepare posters.


Road safety

Our senior infants really enjoyed learning the safe cross code and posing in their new high vis vests.


Lunchtime Fun

Senior infants making a fairy forest!


Christmas Time

We loved practicing for the Christmas concert. We have some great little singers in our class. We also got a great surprise to find the elves had decorated our school.

Fun & Games at Halloween

Sixth Class students working with Junior Infants

Our sixth class students where delighted to work with junior infants as they learn through play

Junior Infants settling into their new school

Orienteering Skills

Our Junior and Senior infants had a great time outdoors this week practising their orienteering skills. Well done everyone, great effort.

Butter making in progress

Junior & Senior infants making and tasting their own butter. A great way to learn all about farming as we come into spring time. #stjosephs#farmlife #imadebutter

The Rainbow Fish – A colourful start to the New Year

Our first week back in 2019 has been a very creative one. We have a beautiful bright classroom as all our little art prodigies commence creating their version of “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister. Wait a few secs for slide show to appear!

October 2018

It’s hard to believe that we are in our second month of the new school year and Halloween is just around the corner.This month we have been learning a lot about Autumn. We got a big fright one day when we found ‘Witchy Woo’ hiding in some leaves on our nature table. She is a friendly witch mostly, but she can get up to a few tricks now and again!

IMG_6248 (1)

Witchy Woo made a cosy bed for herself on our nature table!We have been concentrating on ‘printing’ during art time which is one of our favourite subjects. We used our fingerprints to create some fantastic autumn trees. We also experimented with pattern when completing our sponge-prints. You can see some of our art work below!


The Tigers


The Pandas


The Parrots


The Monkeys


The Snakes

October 2018

Time is really flying. We have been very busy settling in, making new friends and learning new things everyday. Have a look at some of our photographs below to see what we have been up to!IMG_6094Odhrán and Alex – Our Lego Experts!IMG_6095Madison, Jessica, Colm & Jack getting stuck into some Play-doh!IMG_6099Anna, Michael, Aoife & Kacper – Busy constructing during Aistear time!IMG_6100Kayla, Kate, Charlotte, Mia & Ella – Working together to build a farm during Aistear!IMG_6101Amelia, Cara, Sadbh & Rónán – Getting to grips with the Play-doh also!