Star Students and Citizens of the Week

This week we are proud to announce the star students and citizens of the week are: L-R Back Row – Katie Myers; Jack Weekes; Ruby Connolly; Sophie Walsh; William Myers.
Front Row – Ava Keating; Ellie Mae Wybrant; Lilly Rooney Cunningham; Aoife Byrne and Lily Connolly. Well done everyone.


The winner of the book voucher presented by the parents association was Lilly Rooney Cunningham. Well done Lilly.


Meet the mid-term winners

As we approached the well deserved mid-term we continue to acknowledge the hard work and good deeds being done by our students. The winners of “Good Citizen of the Week” and “Star Students” from each class are: Alexander Byrne; Aine Wall; Killian Leeson; Kate Butler; Grace Smith; Taylor Bowes; Conor Forde; Emily Kelly; Adam Byrne and Abbie Walsh.


Winner of the book voucher presented by the Parents Association was Abbie Walsh. Well done Abbie.


Well deserved awards winners

We are delighted to announce this weeks winners of the star student and citizen of the week awards. This week the awards went to: Colm Leeson; Madison Walsh; Paddy Sheehan; Kaya Walsh Zielinska; Oisin Wall; Dani Furlong; Jessica Doyle; Sean Corless; Billy Hurney and Heidi King.

The winner of the €10 book voucher sponsored by the parents association was a well deserved Jessica Doyle.

Star Students

We doubled up last week to present awards as the school was closed due to the snow and bad weather the previous week. Without further delay our star students are: Mia Kelly, Amelia Wybrant, James McNally, Ruby Kelly, Kelsey Walsh, William Myers, Cody Bowes, Sienna Mae Connolly, Emily Heffernan, Daire Byrne, Kacper Zawadzki, Anna Kearney, Kayla Mulvany, Jack Kane, Noel Butler, Harry Doyle, Dillora Kinsella, Brian Whelan, Luke Kelly and Gary O’Toole. We are very proud of their hard work and kindness to others.


The winners of the book voucher presented by the parents association were Mia Kelly and Jack Kane. Well done Mia and Jack.


Meet Students of the Week

Congratulations to this weeks winners of “Worker and Good Citizen” of the Week.
L-R Back row – Oran Keating, Ella Ford, Jack Lyons and Luke Mulvaney. Front row: L-R – Tyler Byrne, Jenelle Connolly, Anna Byrne, Amy Cullen and Michael Davis. Missing from the picture is Kayla Mulvaney.


The winner of this weeks book voucher, presented by the parents association, is Oran Keating. Congratulations Oran.





Meet the first ‘good citizen and worker of the week’ award winners of 2019

Congratulations to the first of our 2019 award winners. These boys are girls were award for their great work and for helping others while at school.

Back row L-R | Daire Byrne, Leah Byrne, Josh Kelly and Peter Kavanagh. Front row L-R | Corey Foley, Shauna Kelly, Charlotte Byrne, Abbie Smith and Rory Doyle.


Well done to Peter Kavanagh who was chosen as the winner of the book voucher presented buy St Joseph’s NS parents association.



Christmas Star Students

Congratulations to all those who received star student awards this week. You all worked hard and deserved this special recognition.

Back Row L-R | Tasha Donovan, Cain Byrne, Billy Hurlity and Jessica Sheehan.
Front Row L-R | Patrick Moran Shiels, Mia Cahill, Ronan Byrne, Cara Lawlor, Kate Butler and Ava Keating.


Congratulations to Patrick Moran Shiels on winning the book voucher presented by St. Jospeh’s NS Parents Association.


Christmas Jumper Day 2018

It was wonderful to see such fun at school on Friday 21st December as children were allowed to take a break from uniform and wear their Christmas jumpers all for a good cause. Meet our classes from junior infants to sixth class who were all buzzing with excitement as the term drew to an end. Happy Christmas to everyone.