Calendars & Fixtures

School Calendar 2019-2020

Grandparents Day: Friday 31st January
All grandparents and parents in our school community are invited to join with us for mass at 11.00am, followed by refreshments which will be served in the school hall.

Parent Teacher Meeting: Thursday 6th February
1.00pm – 4.30pm. Children will go home at 12.30 on this day.

Mid Term: School closed: 20/02/20 and 21/02/20

St Patrick’s Break: School closed: 13/03/20 – 17/03/20 Inclusive
School will reopen: 18/03/20

Easter Holidays: School closed: 6/04/20 – 17/4/20 Inclusive
Half Day: 3/04/20

May Bank Holiday: School closed: 1/05/20 – 4/5/20 Inclusive

June Bank Holiday: School closed: 29/05/20 – 2/06/20 Inclusive.
School will reopen: 3/06/20

Summer Holidays: School closed: Friday 26/06/20 (Half Day)

Other days of note:

First Penance: To be decided

First Communion: Saturday 9th May

Ceremony of Light: To be decided

Confirmation: Friday 20th March @ 2pm

Christmas Carol Service: Wednesday 18th December @ 11am

Christmas Concert: Tuesday 17th December @ 1pm in school hall

Parent/Teacher meetings: Thursday 6th February 2020 1 – 4.30pm

Awards Ceremony: Wednesday 23rd June @ 1pm in school hall

Termly Staff meetings: Children finish @ 12.30pm: Friday 14th February 2020 & Thursday 30th April 2020

Please note that this calendar could be subject to change as part of contingency arrangements to make up for time lost due to unexpected school closures or if it is deemed necessary in other unavoidable instances.

St Josephs NS School calendar provides you with opening and closing dates and school holidays.  Click on the image below to download calendar.






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